Best Sellers

Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster (1.5lt)
Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa Arundinacea) (1lt)
Open weekend tour 10.30am Saturday 14th September 2019

New Additions

Ilex crenata Dark Green 40cm balls (15lt)
Ginkgo biloba Mariken (1.8m standard) (15lt)
Viburnum x juddii (3lt)

Early border sparkle!

Winter aconite. Bright yellow flowers produced above bright green leaves. Height to around 8cm. W..
Snowdrop. Large, delicate white  nodding flowers produced above narrow grey-green leaves. El..
Coppery/green leaves edged with pinky/red make a stunning and unusual variegation especially in t..
Blue, white or pink flowers produced above dark green, divided leaves for a long period through t..
This plant comes from the convallariaceae (lily of the valley) family, hence its common name lily..
Probably the best crocus for naturalising as it seeds freely and is tolerant of both sun and shad..
Sumptuous nodding light pink flowers stand proud of the dense green foliage. Flowers from mid Jan..
Snowdrop. Delicate white nodding flowers with tiny green marks are produced above narrow grey-gre..
Double snowdrop. Delicate double white flowers with tiny green marks are produced above narrow gr..

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